Black Friday 2021
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Black Friday 2021 --- Tablets, eReaders, Media Players

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Black Friday = 26 Nov | Cyber Monday = 29 Nov

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of America's Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term "Black Friday" didn't become widely used until more recent decades.
It's that time again. This year has flown. No ads have dropped yet, but we are starting to get firm sale dates from several retailers now. Expect to see multiple sales periods from many of the larger retailers like they did last year.

Unfortunately, this year has taken a turn for the worse with supply chain issues, labor shortages, mailing/shipping delays, and possibly higher prices. So the wise move is to buy early in order to get what you want and still have time to get gifts sent to family and friends. Keep in mind that most retailers have extended return policies during the holiday season allowing you to buy products as early as October and allowing you to return them sometime in January. This is especially valuable if prices drop during any of the multiple sales periods.

This thread will now replace the Tablets, eReaders, Media Players thread and will be stickied. Please post all hardware deals in this thread. On 01 Jan, this thread will be unstickied and all hardware deals will be posted back to the Tablets, eReaders, Media Players thread.

Feel free to post any BF stories and experiences you may have. Pics and videos are also welcome; especially those Walmart videos. So grab your credit cards and checkbooks and enjoy the ride. Until then, feel free to post wishes and general chit-chat about Black Friday.

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Only book-related hardware will be tracked in this thread (tablets, ereaders, media players, smartphones, computers, digital storage, accessories, etc). This post will serve as a master index for these categories, linking to ad scans and posts with device and pricing specifics.

Off-Topic Deals: I don't mind if you point out deals in non-book related categories, but discussions should take place in the appropriate threads and forums listed below. Remember, the primary focus of this thread is book-related technology.

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Where do I look/post for BF deals:

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Store Index 2021

Below is a listing of stores with book-related technology. Links will be provided to each store's website and details about their deals.

Thanksgiving = Thu 25 Nov | Black Friday = Fri 26 Nov | Cyber Monday = Mon 29 Nov

Closed Thanks --- Cust Svc --- BF 2020 --- template --- Online Sale Schedule

Note: red = active sales -- as individual sales expire, they're removed from this listing

Major Stores
other Stores
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eReaders 2021
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Kindle -- updated 27 Nov 2021

Forum | Updates | Wiki | Specs --- Released | Lowest Price | Sale Price --- 20% Trade-In
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Kobo -- updated 27 Nov 2021

MR Forum | Wikipedia | Specs --- Released | Lowest | Sale
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Wish List 2021

As the title says, this is a wish list for members to list items they're interested in. If anyone sees a great deal on these items, please post the deal and/or send a PM to the member making the request.

Since I can't post details about the requested items here, I linked the requesting post to the member's name (or item name) so you can get full details about the request.

To get on this list, just post your request and I'll add you.

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Shopping Tips

Accounts: update your store accounts -- username, password, email address, delivery address, and phone number. Personal information changes over time and you may have neglected to make those changes; especially at stores you only order from during Black Friday. For stores you plan on shopping at that you don't have accounts with, set up those accounts now.

Credit Cards: for each store you plan on shopping at, make sure the credit card, account number, expiration date, 3-digit security code, billing address, and home phone number are accurately entered.

Credit Card Blocks: be prepared to have an order declined because your credit card company detects unusual activity. This frequently happens when you place several high-value orders at multiple stores in a short period of time. Unfortunately, this will mean a call to your credit card company to have the block removed. The major downside to a card block is the possibility of a lost deal. Not likely if the item is still in your cart, but a possibility nevertheless. YMMV

Credit/Debit Card Discounts: many credit/debit cards offer price protection, theft protection, and double the warranty on items purchased for up to an additional year. Some also increase the amount you get back from select stores from 1% to 5% for the last quarter. Check your cards to see what additional benefits and discounts they may offer.

Discount Programs: these discounts and rewards are usually stackable, so you have a chance to save quite a bit if you take the time to seek each one out.Doorbusters: these sales may contain doorbusters that may or may not be repeated during a later sale. So if you see something you want, go ahead and get it. If by some chance the price drops later on and the store won't make a price adjustment, you can always return it and re-purchase it. Return policies are usually extended over the holidays so you should be good.

Purchasing: some items may have earlier access times for members of their rewards programs. Additionally, some items may be in-store or online only and may have different start dates and times.

Returns: return policies are generally extended over the holidays allowing purchases as early as October to be returned sometime in January. As usual, restrictions apply.

Shipping: most stores offer free shipping either with minimum purchases or through rewards programs. Some stores also offer free shipping in both directions - delivery & returns - something to consider if the item you want is available at multiple stores.

Store Credit: some of these deals involve a gift card/store credit. You buy an item at a set price and get a free gift card/store credit for later use at that store. Of course, this only works if it's at a store you routinely shop at because it's easy to spend the gift card/store credit on items you would normally purchase anyway. If it's at a store you rarely shop at, then these gift card/store credit offers are false savings because you're forced into spending them on something you may not want before they expire. Take that into consideration before making a purchase.

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