Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Eighteen (2020); v1; 27 Dec 2020
#1  Pulpmeister 12-26-2020, 10:22 PM
Only 9 stories, but three are novelettes adding up to about 75,000 words, and six short stories brings it up to 95,000.

After the mammoth C S Montanye collection I posted earlier, ("This murder's On Me"), I found another handful of Montanye hard-boiled yarns and a light romantic story; which are in here.

Wadsworth Camp's yarn is an adventure/crime story dating from 1915, which reappeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine after WW2, a tribute to its timelessness. Charles G Booth was another hard-boiled author for Black Mask and others, but is now forgotten, apart from a single long novelette. Gwyn Evans throws in a brave stab at a Edgar Wallace style villain.

1: The Missing Q.C.s/ John Oxenham
2: The Croucher / Gwyn Evans (novelette)
3: The Obscure Move / Wadsworth Camp
4: Cricket's Last Hop / C. S. Montanye
5: Hoodwinked / C. S. Montanye
6: Frozen Stiff / C. S. Montanye
7: Wings For An Angel / C. S. Montanye (novelette)
8: Opals Are Unlucky / C. S. Montanye
9: Stag Party / Charles G Booth (long novelette)
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