Libre Pro not reading Adobe Protected ebooks
#1  alroy 06-18-2015, 06:18 PM
For 2 years I used my Libre Pro to read Library books. They were downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions. I had no problem.

All of a sudden now when I hook up my Libre Pro to Adobe Digital Editions, it asks me if I want to have it approved for reading Adobe Protected ebooks. I answer yes and it approves my ereader. This happens every time I hook up my reader to the computer and start Adobe Digital Editions. Also, I can't open any purchased Adobe Protected books any more.

Also, Adobe only recognizes the main memory. It does not show the extra card I have in the reader.

Can anyone tell me what has happened?

#2  alroy 06-22-2015, 06:33 PM
Well I don't know what happened. I deleted all my books off the ereader. I then had it approved by Adobe Digital Editions again. I added back some books from Calbre. They open. I guess the problem has been fixed. I think I'll just add books as I need for reading.

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