Best Source for Comics for JetBook Color
#1  davidspitzer 08-09-2014, 03:01 AM
I am getting a netbook color and I wanted to solicit some suggestions for where the best place to purchase comic books for it


#2  DebbyS 09-27-2014, 10:29 PM
Look under "Deals, Freebies and Resources" for the comics subdirectory. Looks like Comixology is offering downloadable PDFs, but I have not tried this. Dark Horse and Image seem to offer some free comics, I think PDFs, too, and definitely sell them. started by Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, among others) has downloadable free PDFs of comics; I liked the series "Insufferable". Also is a series and I've been downloading the jpgs and converting them to pdfs. And there are many, many independent comics out there, it should be fun to search for them.

Me, I've scanned a zillion (it seems) of my comics and saved them as PDFs. If you have a scanner with a feeder, you can hit the "Quarter bins" (cheap, older comics) and buy a lot, dismantle them, scan them, convert to PDFs, back them up several places and read at your leisure. This is assuming the JBC can read PDFs.

updated: at one time Thrillbent comics were free, but the site has become popular enough now to charge for subscriptions. However, it seems a fair charge. I didn't check, but back issues (PDF format) of Insufferable, for example, might be free.

#3  Kirtai 09-28-2014, 10:43 AM
Image have their own store that allows DRM free downloads in a variety of formats.

Comixology also allow DRM free downloads in PDF & CBZ for certain publishers. Check for the download icon next to the comic in question. Most of the participating publishers have all their comics available for download but a couple (Dynamite, I'm looking at you) only have some of them DRM free. There's a list of them here

Have fun, I've spent far too much on these

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