#1  gyro1960 06-21-2014, 10:42 AM
Hi, I hope someone can help me solve my problem with my Kindle HD Fire 8.9".

I've downloaded books via wi-fi from Amazon and not had a problem but I was recently given a large number of Kindle books which I uploaded onto my hard drive. Well, today I plugged the hard drive into my computer and opened it up to the Kindle books folder and then plugged in my Kindle Fire Hd and opened that up to show it as recognised. I than dragged the Kindle books folder from my hard drive into the Kindle storage folder now showing on my computer. It opened the data transferring window which took place without a hitch but when I came to look for the new books on my Kindle, I couldn't find them. They are all MOBI files so, I assume they are ok...I looked for ages in the Kindle for the new books and the only reference I found was in Office Suite which, when I opened it up, found all the titles in there but when I tried to open them there was no content. I would like to know how to access my books because I know that they are now on the Kindle but I just can't find a way to have them show as recognised in the normal fashion.

Please help someone....thanks

#2  EowynCarter 06-21-2014, 11:59 AM
You'll probably have more answers in the dedicated section for the kindle fire :

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