PRS-T1 most flexible T1 firmware from 1.0.00
#1  jakeluck 10-24-2018, 11:21 AM
I have been combing through this and the non-dev forum the 12 days.

I have a used PRS-T1 that came with the original factory firmware The device crashes often. The same action/book that caused the blackscreen lockup appears to work correctly after a soft reset. I have also done a hardware reset, the instability remains. Battery works for about 4-5 days on a charge.

As is long gone and Sony only offers for download.

I am wary about doing an official firmware update to 1.0.07 as many
- have lost wifi
- unable to revert to older version (internal firmware version check)
- the highest restore-set being at 1.0.05

In your opionion, what is the most stable stock firmware version to use that also provides the best flexibility for potential downgrade and rooting?

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