Calibre alternative for iPad
#1  azt33 03-19-2020, 05:55 AM
Hi folks,

I am considering my options to go iPad-only, but one of the use cases I have (and which is stopping me from giving up on my MacBook Pro) is eBook library management. I am a happy user of Calibre on the Mac, and have been for many years. I tried searching here and on Google if there is such an alternative for the iPad as well, where I could also convert ePubs to mobi and vice versa.

I couldnÂ’t find anything, so was wondering if this exists at all?

#2  PraetorXyn 05-05-2020, 09:07 PM
I am not aware of anything like this. I don't understand why you would want to in the first place.

The best suggestion I have would be to get something centralized, like a NAS, or even an external hard drive attached to your router, and put your Calibre library on that (but keep the client itself on your computer, as I tried running a Docker instance of Calibre and I could not import Kindle books with it because for the DeDRM tools to work the books have to be imported on the same machine they were downloaded on with Kindle.

This allows you to have a centralized library accessible by any device on your network. And if you have a NAS (or any old computer you don't mind leaving running 24/7 really) you can setup say a Docker instance of COPS along with letsencrypt and an nginx reverse proxy, purchase your own domain, and be able to access your OPDS catalog at

#3  azt33 05-06-2020, 01:23 PM
Because I want to see if I can manage to move away from my MacBook Pro - I found alternative programs for almost all of my most used, one I have not found an alternative for is Calibre. I want to be able to manage my entire library on my iPad.

Thanks for your suggestions, but the idea is to not have a laptop/computer in the house anymore. But it seems there is no alternative as of today, so I'll stick with Calibre for the time being.

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