E-ink for programmer?
#11  mdp 11-08-2019, 04:08 PM
Quote FrustratedReader
No model is going to very good for programming / editing. Actual novel / fiction writing is more sequential, though no WP I know offers a paged GUI, even when showing page mode they scroll!

So you need viewing and editing software that's page based, not scroll based. I don't know of any.


I thought an eink screen would be nice for at least novel writing, maybe programming, but no suitable page only applications exist that I know of on Windows or Linux.
I have been there. You can center pages on LibreOffice with a keystroke, bound to "Zoom [to] Entire Page". That was found exactly to be able to do page-based application text editing.
Please see my post #24 at the Page Office Automation - Text editing / Word processing thread.
You will want to set the page accordingly, please also see my post at, especially for the sentence
┬źDocument pages set at 21x31cm with thin margins, a keyboard shortcut set to center the double-page box in the screen at will┬╗

Quote FrustratedReader
I started programming with punched cards, then line editors, then full screen editing in 1979. I've also written a text editor. Sadly a 2002 top of the range matt finish 1600 x 1200 LCD was better for program or novel editing than most screens today on laptops less than $1500. The Retina type screen is pointless as the screen size usually means 200% scale and shape is the dumb 16:9
I am not sure about your position: a 400$ laptop with a good 1920x1080, 14'' display will offer an excellent GUI, provided you spend the required amount of time setting it properly. A higher resolution will just improve the definition - provided, again, as you certainly know, that you set it and fine tune it. While I agree in general on 16:9, allow me to quote myself again, it is not a terrible resolution for coding on IDEs - you will want to arrange your panels in columns.

#12  mdp 11-08-2019, 04:20 PM
Quote ContadorPL
I have already tried everything, my friends laugh that I spend more time preparing for work than for work.
In this case, I encourage you to try EPD. I mean: if you have these difficulties with standard displays...
EPD is suboptimal for programming. But it can be done. You may have little choice.

Beware: you will have efforts to spend to make your work station optimal. Again: you will have for example to counter ghosting (it cannot be good for your eyes).

But I can also encourage you to check the PixelQi displays. For programming, they could be much better than EPD.

Quote ContadorPL
In Dasung 2019 models, input lag is really low, comparatively better than in 2017 models (there are few on the market, probably none of you have tested them yet)
Quote Antonio7
The Onyx Boox Max serie is ok as an ereader, but it is useless as a monitor because of the input lag. The Dasung monitors seem to be much better on that front
Numbers required. I myself have counted frames many times on videos I have taken to get some objective values.
And as some implementation side may vary, but the displays are the same, if the lag changes from product A to product B I want to see the numbers, because such difference is all but granted.

#13  epaper 02-05-2020, 05:00 AM
Quote ContadorPL

is there any programmer here who works on an e-ink monitor?

Don't you mind the small screen, lack of colors and high input lag?

I would love to know which model would be the best for programming because currently my eyes hurt when working on EIZO EV2455 (which is a good monitor anyway)
not exactly a programmer but i used Sublime Text (adding content to my html site) a lot in 2017-2018 and I mostly used my Dasung paperlike. Only when I needed to edit my site's design- colors, size etc, did i need to use a lcd monitor.
Otherwise everything went smoothly.
Eink also has a 31inch color screen module. If youre technical maybe u can convert it into a monitor. its pricey though

#14  Waiting4somethin 02-11-2020, 06:17 PM
Same here not really a programmer just do a little as a hobby (actually I mostly just tinker) and most of what I do is in keyboard controlled (vim keys) programs (editors, browser, tiling wm, etc)...but I have been using a 10" Likebook Mimas as a monitor connected to my laptop through vnc and quite satisfied with it. I was always interested in optimizing workflow but using eink removed all restraints to that. It's much easier (and I underestimated how much) to comfortably do things. I just treat the whole operating system like a terminal. However, if as a programmer you're forced to use apps that demand a lot of mouse usage you might be better off looking for something like dasung or waiting (...?) for clearink.

Screen space is limited (certainly on my screen), especially given that you can't scroll smoothly along like before. It's an adjustment. The lack of a proper overview forces me to concentrate more on workspaces, tabs, buffers, and searching and maybe marks and things like that but I don't know, the whole situation could be/is more limiting for someone else.

#15  skynet84 06-18-2020, 09:00 AM
For programming I suggest Paperlike HD-FT!
It has a high resolution 2200x1650
In few days I'm going to create a new full review of this e-ink screen ��

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