Razr foldable phone
#11  tubemonkey 11-14-2019, 06:03 PM
Cool phone, outrageous price!

#12  rcentros 11-14-2019, 06:05 PM
Quote tubemonkey
Cool phone, outrageous price!
Agreed. I actually like the concept a lot, but not enough to pay $1,500.

#13  Dopedangel 11-14-2019, 10:12 PM
It will sell well even at this price though well is relative. They won't sell few hundred million but I do expect them to sell 1-2 million at least which will be a few billion in sales. I think foldable phones will take another 2-3 years to start hitting the $500~ range. The samsung fold might have had problems but the few people that have bought it seem to love it so I think this will be more than just a fad.

#14  fjtorres 11-15-2019, 06:30 AM
Specs, we have specs:


Here are the specifications of the new Razr:

Operating System: Android Pie 9.0
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 719
Memory: 6GB
Storage: 128GB
Display: Flex View 6.2-inch pOLED HD (2142 x 876) 21:9, Quick View 2.7-inch gOLED (600 x 800) 4:3
Battery: 2510 milliamp-hour
Size: 72 x 172 x 6.9 mm (open), 72 x 94 x 14 mm (closed)
Weight: 205g
Rear camera: 16-megapixel f/1.7, EIS, Dual Pixel AF, Laser AF
Front camera: 5-megapixel f/2.0
SIM Card: eSIM
Connectivity: 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC
Charge port: USB-C
Security: Fingerprint reader
Color: Noir Black
Courtesy of zdnet:

The high price isn't just because of the screen.

More at the source, like:


On the outside of the clamshell phone is a 2.7-inch Interactive Quick View Display, which allows you to swipe through messages, control music, take selfies, and adjust settings. The original Razr had similar features when closed but on a much smaller display.

#15  Quoth 11-15-2019, 02:07 PM
eSim is nasty for travellers. Yet another Apple pain like notched screen, no earphone socket and reducing buttons.

#16  frahse 11-17-2019, 10:23 PM
Quote tubemonkey
Cool phone, outrageous price!
Yes, yes, and indeed yes.

But we are getting closer to something "good."

#17  frahse 11-17-2019, 10:29 PM
Quote tomsem
It’s good to see the folding concept is improving, for those who want such a thing. For me it doesn’t even rise to level of ‘nice to have’, but I can see it would have advantages for some people (screen is protected when it’s put into a pocket or purse with other objects).
If you are going to have even near such an expensive object to use in the forest, the hills, or the shore, the more protection you have is worth almost any price.

Particularly I want to know what the "wet proof trials" showed.

#18  bookyboy 11-17-2019, 10:39 PM
If it were about half that price I’d be all over it.

#19  JSWolf 11-17-2019, 10:47 PM
Quote frahse
Yes, yes, and indeed yes.

But we are getting closer to something "good."
What will be released will be 100% GARBAGE!

The Motorola Flip phone should have been made as it was without being a smart ass phone and make it with the buttons. The thing is, there are a lot of people who would buy it if it was like it used to be.

Heck, if it was like it used to be, I would get one for my father who doesn't do smart phones.

This new version is a mistake. I hope it tanks big time.

#20  sun surfer 11-17-2019, 11:54 PM
My first mobile phone was a Razr and I loved it. In fact they’re the only type I had until I switched to an iPhone smart phone. This new one looks interesting and I think larger, foldable protected screens like this could be the future of smart phones. But I don’t like the dimensions of the screen on this one- it’s too long! The extra length just feels like it’d be useless extra screen space because of the odd dimensions.

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