[Android, iOS] What is Calibre Companion?
#1  chaley 08-24-2012, 08:42 AM
What is Calibre Companion?

Calibre Companion is three applications in one: a superb device-based calibre library organizer, a high-performance WiFi-based calibre device emulator, and a client to access your calibre library using calibre's content server or in the cloud: [Android and iOS]: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive; [Android]: Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive (warning about Google Drive).

  1. The first: CC is a calibre library organizer for your device.
    Once you put books on your device using one of the connection methods described below you can:
    • sort, group, and search for books by their metadata (author, tags, series, rating, dates, custom columns, etc.)
    • see book lists by cover or by list.
    • view details of a book's metadata.
    • mark books read and sync this information with calibre.
    • You can launch your book reader application to read a book ([Android] works with most reader applications. One exception is Amazon Kindle for Android).
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  2. The second: Calibre Companion supports connecting to calibre over WiFi and be detected by calibre as a device, providing excellent integration with calibre.
    • All calibre device operations are supported, including sending books and metadata, cover thumbnails, deleting books, sending news, and plugins like Reading List.
    • [Android] You can specify where different book formats are to go on your device, e.g., epubs in one folder, pdfs in another, and mobis in a third.
    • Calibre Companion updates the metadata for the books on every connect as a wireless device, ensuring the information for your books displayed in Calibre Companion is the same as the information displayed in calibre.
    • Most setup is on the device, making it easy for different users in the same household to have different device configurations, or to use more than one computer running calibre.
  3. The third: Calibre Companion can access your library via calibre’s content server or the cloud.
    Using just your device, you can:
    • Browse all of your library, viewing the books and their metadata.
    • See which books are already on your device.
    • Download books from your library to your device.
    • Cloud providers currently supported: [Android and iOS] Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. [Android] Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, and a local folder on SD card.


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