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Deleted Offers
Deleted Threads.

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Media Deals (non-eBook)

Note: 01 Jan 2017 -- this is now a continuous thread, yearly re-starts are no longer required


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Fire Tab & Phone Specs --> updated 19 Oct 2019

Specifications -- 20 models

Spoiler Warning below

Specs --> OpSys | CPU (GHz) | RAM (GB) | ROM (GB) | mSD (GB) | display | ppi

Release Dates -- 20 models

Spoiler Warning below

by Generation --> Fire | Fire HD | Fire HDX | Fire Phone

by Model


Spoiler Warning below


Fire OS Versions

Spoiler Warning below

by Generation --> Fire OS --- Android
by Version --> Fire OS --- Android

Android Versions

Spoiler Warning below

Android --> Release Date --- Codename --- currently supported


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Amazon Echo Specs moved to Amazon Echo Club and Amazon Echo

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SYNC Help --> for additional info see FAQs about SYNC

* What/Why/Who is SYNC?
What? -- SYNC is a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. Returning April 25, 2019, SYNC will give away two complete audiobook downloads a week - pairs of high interest titles, based on weekly themes. In 2018, 26 titles were given away over 13 weeks.

Why? -- SYNC introduces a variety of audiobook experiences to teens to demonstrate that reading can be completed by listening.

Who? -- SYNC is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and titles are delivered through the OverDrive app. In advance of accessing the program, download the app in advance to whichever device you anticipate listening on and be ready to go!
* Are these audiobooks mine to keep or am I just borrowing them?
* Download Details
* SYNC Download Prep
You must have the OverDrive App or Software to download SYNC titles. PLEASE NOTE: The SYNC program does not work with the Libby app.

Download and Install the OverDrive App or Software on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. (SYNC titles won't play without it!) You may transfer titles from your computer to an MP3 player (including iPods).
* SYNC Download Help
Having trouble?

Make sure your OverDrive app or desktop software is up to date. For more help installing and using OverDrive's app/desktop software, visit OverDrive Help.

For Additional Help, please email

[see above link for detailed instructions on how to download these books to your devices]
* Frequently Asked Questions about SYNC
* I use the Libby app. Can I use this for SYNC titles instead of OverDrive?
* Do any of these audiobooks have DRM restrictions?
* How long am I allowed to download the audiobook?
You may download the audiobook onto your computer and/or mobile device for one week. The files are available from Thursday morning 7am Eastern Time until the following Thursday morning at 7am Eastern time when the new audiobook titles become available. You may download more than once if you have more than one device. When you have downloaded the MP3 files they are yours to keep.
* Do I need a SYNC account to download these audiobooks?
* Do I need an OverDrive account to download these audiobooks?
* Does SYNC or OverDrive keep copies of my audiobooks on their servers?
* I missed last week's audiobooks. May I still get them?
We are sorry, but no. Per our agreement with the publishers, the free audiobooks are not available after their original download week (ending at 7am on a Thursday morning). SYNC no longer has access to the audiobook files.
* What happens if I lose my audiobooks?
* Should I make backup copies of my audiobooks?
***Please note: These are large files that will quickly fill up your smartphone/tablet, and these titles may disappear from the OverDrive app after software upgrades. For long-term access to SYNC audiobook files, please save them on your computer and transfer them onto a smartphone or tablet when you are ready to listen, or download titles to both devices in case you want to remove them from your mobile device later.
* Were audiobooks lost during the 2013 iOS 7 update?
* How do I know if I got the whole audiobook?
You should see a message that indicates your device is downloading each part of the audiobook. You can also check to see if all of the audiobook’s parts have downloaded successfully using these steps:

Spoiler Warning below

If you have OverDrive’s desktop software for Windows or Mac: Right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the audiobook in OverDrive’s software and select “Download.” A popup notice will let you know if all of the audiobook’s parts have already been downloaded, or will prompt you to download missing parts.

If you have OverDrive’s app for Windows 8: Click or tap on the audiobook in the OverDrive app, then scroll all the way to the right. You should see a list of audiobook parts that shows which ones have downloaded successfully, and allows you to download missing parts.

If you have OverDrive’s app on any other device: Look for the “Files” section of the app. This section will list how many of the audiobook’s parts have downloaded successfully. If an audiobook is incomplete, you should be able to open it from the “Files” section of the app and download the missing parts.

If you are unable to download missing parts for your audiobook using the steps above, search your device for the .odm file, then delete all old .odm files.

Once you’ve deleted the old .odm files, return to from your browser and start the process again.
* How do I recover incomplete downloads?
* Do any of these audiobooks have geographic restrictions?* Previous Years

#17  tubemonkey 02-12-2016, 06:08 PM --> updated 12 Feb 2016

Free Audiobooks (11 titles).

#18  tubemonkey 02-16-2016, 06:24 AM
Naxos AudioBooks --> updated 03 Oct 2016

Free Audiobooks (3 titles)
FREE -- Novels of Charles Dickens Podcasts (17 titles) --> details
  1. A Christmas Carol -- 30 min
  2. A Tale of Two Cities -- 25 min
  3. Barnaby Rudge -- 30 min
  4. Bleak House -- 28 min
  5. David Copperfield -- 28 min
  6. Dombey and Son -- 24 min
  7. Great Expectations -- 14 min
  8. Hard Times -- 25 min
  9. Little Dorrit -- 32 min
  10. Martin Chuzzlewit -- 25 min
  11. Nicholas Nickleby -- 39 min
  12. Oliver Twist -- 27 min
  13. Our Mutual Friend -- 35 min
  14. Sketches by Boz -- 28 min
  15. The Mystery of Edwin Drood -- 12 min
  16. The Old Curiosity Shop -- 20 min
  17. The Pickwick Papers -- 29 min
  18. Entire Podcast Package -- 7.9 hrs

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Books In Motion --> updated 22 Jul 2019

Posts --> details | details

Free Audiobooks (>4 hrs)
  1. Beta Testers --> details
  2. Christmas Star and Chrysanthemum
  3. The Team From Hell

Free Audiobooks (1~2 hrs)
  1. Dark Edge
  2. Follow Your Star
  3. Silent Night in a Foxhole
  4. The Expedition Begins
  5. The Gun Also Rises
  6. Treasure of Sorat

Free Audiobooks (<1 hr)
  1. A Pinch of Dust
  2. A Promise Kept
  3. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  4. Holiday Surprise
  5. Maddie O'Brien's Christmas Donkeys
  6. Miracle at Joe's Diner
  7. One Special Teacher
  8. Prisoners of Wake Island
  9. Stranger Riding
  10. The Christmas Assignment
  11. The Duplicity of Hargraves
  12. The Guardian
  13. The Letters
  14. The Ninth Man
  15. Upon a Midday Clear

No Longer Free.

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Paid Whispersync Archives --> updated 01 May 2016

Monthly Whispersync Deals
Misc Whispersync Deals.

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