BookExpo Online
#1  Paperbackstash 05-29-2020, 11:10 AM
Due to the coronavirus, they are not having an in person event this year, and instead of doing several zoom meetings with a variety of staff and having them as facebook live videos. If you miss the videos live, as I do, you can watch them later. I'm finally having time to watch the first right now, which discusses:

Sessions include:

Public Libraries and the Pandemic - 4:27

Audiobooks & Consumer Behavior - 55:55

LibraryReads Book Buzz - 1:52:21

Pivoting Through Crisis: A Global Pandemic Impact on the Future of
Library Services - 3:00:24

Anyone else watching or participating? It's a lot of video footage to get through but I'm happy they're doing this.

#2  Paperbackstash 05-29-2020, 12:40 PM
BookExpo Online May 26 Part 1 - The library changes and speaking of safety and moving more to digital was interesting, but I found the Audiobook session more intriguing as they talk about trends, sales.

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