Letter to Audible about cancelling
#11  Catlady 06-09-2019, 05:19 PM
Quote CRussel
Personally, I found the text completely clear and unambiguous:
"...we’ve recently made changes to when credits expire if you are on a membership plan" (emphasis mine)

Should they change it? I suppose. Certainly it would be better for end users. OTOH, the price of most audio books has always been way more than the price of a credit, even on the most expensive (per credit) plan. But then, I listen to a LOT of audio books, and I definitely prefer to listen to them via the Audible app over any other alternative.
They emphasize the longer time to use credits. They pretend that putting a membership on hold gives you extra time-which it doesn't. They know darn well that people will make assumptions that may cost them paid-for credits.

I do applaud the fact that they are sending out monthly updates on when credits expire, and showing that info in the account details. That is very helpful.

Don't get me wrong, I like Audible. If they offer a $100/year membership again on Prime Day, I'll happily grab it. But they could be more transparent.

#12  Tarana 06-21-2019, 11:27 AM
I don't think it's confusing at all. The comments about how long your credits last are based on ACTIVE membership. If you choose to quit, you are no longer an Active member. They give you a STRONG warning that you will lose that credit if you quit. So use your danged credit. Also $15 for an audiobook is actually very reasonable. Most retail audiobooks are $25-35 and more. Absolutely true that many of us seek the lowest cost, but $15 for next in the series of a series you really enjoy (and will likely listen to again) is not all that much. A 2.5 hour movie on a Saturday night is $13.95 in my area. Sales are promotions of authors, just like at a regular bookstore.

Yep, I agree PWalker, if most of your books are UNDER the cost of a membership, then it's harder to use your credits. I have no shortage of books that cost more than a credit, so not a problem for me, but we read different things.

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