Music sheet reader for not so large e-reader
#1  fefcas 02-28-2019, 03:23 PM
I've just gotten a Boyue LikeBook Paper, from stock, it is not so large (7.8 inch) but not sooo expensive, and it seems to be good enough for reading music scores.

As it goes with Android, I was looking in GPlay for something specific, but all I found until now are "smooth" scrolling apps, for tablets they are good, not for e-paper devices. Some of them yet provide subtle page turning, but this is not a perfect solution. I need something doing half page updates and configurable to show part of the sheets, in any sequence, back and forth, musicians know what I'm talking about, no?

Any suggestion? I want to be sure there exists nothing good enough, before struggling to develop a specific application. I like the open source approach.

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