#1  MarjaE 08-20-2015, 11:09 PM
I have a Story Hd. I haven't been able to view any djvu files, since the Story Hd returns to the menu after a couple minutes of failing to load, and I haven't been able to view certain pdf files, since the Story Hd turns the whole image white.

I read that some other people have been able to view their djvu files.

I ended up getting an Icarus Illumina e653 to view djvu files, and the buggy pdf files, and to improve performance, but it broke after a couple weeks, and it doesn't look like I'll be able to get it repaired.

So is there some way to read djvu fles on the Story Hd???

#2  forcheville 08-21-2015, 01:24 AM
You can easily convert DjVu to PDF by using the Export option (in the File menu) of DjView the viewer that is part of DjVuLibre
The PDF might end up large in size, however.

#3  MarjaE 08-21-2015, 04:51 AM
... which is one reason I'd like to be able to use djvu. I don't want to have to convert huge files to gigantic ones, and then have to hope that they show correctly.

I started with 1.00 and have gradually updated. I finally downloaded and installed 1.34 yesterday [there's a link elsewhere on this site, but not on Iriver's support page], but still no luck. I may be missing some software other users have.

#4  frostschutz 08-21-2015, 05:52 AM
Quote MarjaE
I may be missing some software other users have.
I'm not aware of any special reading software for the Story HD.

If you have a file you can share with me I can try it on my Story HD; I do not use DJVU or PDF normally.

#5  MarjaE 08-21-2015, 05:42 PM
I read a lot of books from the Internet Archive.

The epub versions tend to be unreadable, and the pdfs tend to be bigger than the djvus. Hence my preference. Not one djvu shows up on my Iriver.

I tried restarting using the setup wizard, but it demands a Google account. @#$% And loses my previous attempt to use the setup wizard when I exit and return. @#%

#6  frostschutz 08-21-2015, 05:57 PM
The Story HD had a very nice display for its time (the first display to sport 768x1024 instead of 600x800 resolution). But software side of things was never great. The device also bricks easily (wrong firmware update file? too long filename? poof).

That said, I downloaded a random DJVU I found on ( ), copied it to the Story HD and it displays fine, on a device running 1.29 US firmware.

#7  MarjaE 08-21-2015, 06:11 PM
Thanks. That's the first djvu this thing has ever been able to show! Which suggests that the issue is with an incompatibility between the software and the formatting of some scanned djvus, but not others. And the pdf issue is either with the software lightening everything to all white, or with an incompatibility again. Some literature suggests a layering issue.

#8  Ntsimp 08-29-2015, 07:24 PM
I have a lot of both djvu and pdf files on my Story HD. The only advantage to using djvu over pdf is file size; the Story HD can't handle table of contents or text search in djvu files.
I understand some of the issues with Internet Archive books. The OCR in the epubs is atrocious, so I tend to get the djvu versions myself. I don't think I've had one that wouldn't display, though.

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