Android catalogue app using calibre catalogue
#1  amokima 12-02-2017, 10:01 AM
Are there any Android book catalogue apps that are able to use the cataloge csv file generated from Calibre? I don't want an ereader app or a library app that contains the actuall books, just a catalogue app. I have over 700 books so it's not really feasable adding them all individualy, so I'd like to be able to import to info from the csv catalogue file. It's annoying having to boot up my computer just to go through Calibre to see what book I'd like to read next, and Kobo ereaders aren't really browsing friendly. And also good if I'm out and about & want to buy a book, but I'm not sure I have it or not.


#2  BetterRed 12-02-2017, 04:37 PM
@amokina - I use the CSV Portal app, its a general purpose csv viewer, not specific to calibre or books, it can read calibre csv catalogues.

Aside : on Windows I use nirsoft's CSVFileView - Excel and Calc are almost invariably overkill.


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