Mystery and Crime Bodkin, M MacDonnell: Young Beck (1912); v1; 8 Dec 2019
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Matthias MacDonnell Bodkin was an Irish Nationalist member of the British Parliament, a writer on contemporary politics and Irish themes, and the inventor of Paul Beck, "The Rule of Thumb" Detective. This soon grew into a complete family of detectives, as he also created a woman detective, Dorar Myrle, in a separate series of short stories, and married them in another series. soon Paul Jr appeared, and this volume contains the short stories of "Young Beck" in his 20s. (His "Watson" is surely the dimmest "Watson" in all detective literature!).

There are 24 chapters, as the stories are assembled to look like a novel, but just twelve stories of 2 chapters each.

1. The Bertram Twins
2. The Grand Slam
3. A Derby Favourite
4. A Close Shave
5. Flight
6. Capture
7: A Panic in Parliament
8: The Understudy
9: Fairy Lilian
10: "Two Are Company"
11: Gertrude's Queer Lover
12: The Locked Door
13: The Blue Diamond
14: Hide and Seek
15: The Finger Marks on the Cuff
16: The Alibi
17: Death's Threshold
18: Nurse Elinor
19: An Epidemic of Murder
20: In the Grip of the Hypnotist
21: Held Up
22: "Flat Burglary"
23: Margery Says "No"
24: The "Glacier"

Although the Beck stories were very popular, and the book collections huge sellers, they are all now extremely rare. This is the only readily available ebook of Young Beck, sourced from page image and text files at Internet Archive.
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