Collected Works Abdullah, Achmed: Achmed Abdulla short stories. V1.2. 26 Jun 2019
#1  lumpynose 06-26-2019, 09:36 PM
Achmed Abdullah (12 May 1881 – 12 May 1945) is an American writer of mystery, crime, and adventure pulps, and screenplays for some successful films. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, May 12, 1881, of Arab and Tartar stock. Educated in India, England, France, and Germany. Bachelor of Letters, Sorbonne, Paris. Served in British-Indian and Ottoman armies.

Many of these are from as well as magazines or books on A few may be from Roy Glashan's Library in Australia and Project Gutenberg.

The formatting is what I think of as a "Slim 'n Trim" format; no images, no embedded fonts, and I've tried to design the CSS so that there is a minimum of tagging of html elements with classes.

It's an EPUB3 but will hopefully work with an EPUB2 capable reader.

I haven't proofread it yet; feel free to send me any errors or typos you may find.

Mirza Fateh Khan (1946)
Their own dear land (1943)
Pell Street blues (1935)
The mystery of the talking idols (1929)
The strong man (1928)
Interlude (1927)
Once it happened in the black tents (1923)
The logical tale of the four camels (1922)
Bibi--his mark (1922)
Grafter and master grafter (1922)
The jester (1922)
The soul of a Turk (1922)
Black poppies (1921)
The perfect way (1921)
Framed at the Benefactors Club (1921)
Bismillah! (1921)
Tao (1920)
Evening rice (1920)
The incubus (1920)
Tartar (1920)
To be accounted for (1920)
Krishnavana, destroyer of souls (1920)
The man who lost caste (1920)
Khizr (1920)
Cobbler’s Wax (1919)
A full house (1919)
Fear (1918)
After his kind (1919)
Ambassador of poker (1919)
A Pell Street spring song (1919)
The hatchetman (1919)
The yellow wife (1919)
Renunciation (1919)
Poker (1919)
The honourable gentleman (1919)
Himself, to himself enough (1919)
The two-handed sword (1918)
A simple act of piety (1918)
The river of hate (1918)
Pro patria (1918)
The dance on the hill (1918)
Thingumajee Thingumabob Jones (1918)
Reprisal (1918)
Wings (1918)
A Yarkand survey (1918)
Light (1918)
The home-coming (1917)
The charmed life (1917)
Disappointment (1917)
That haunting thing (1917)
Silence (1917)
Feud (1916)
The strength of the little thin thread (1912)
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#2  lumpynose 06-30-2019, 01:47 PM
The first story, Mirza Fateh Khan, had lots of OCR errors. Also the title pages on the Kobo aren't correct with the centering; still scratching my head over that one.

#3  Nabeel 07-03-2019, 06:42 AM
I notice that the stories are in non-chronological order: the last first, and the first last. It just seems a bit odd.

#4  lumpynose 07-03-2019, 01:10 PM
Quote Nabeel
I notice that the stories are in non-chronological order: the last first, and the first last. It just seems a bit odd.
By chronological order do you mean by publication date? It was intentional putting the oldest ones last and newest first.

#5  lumpynose 07-05-2019, 12:39 PM
"Ambassador of poker", a scan from an old magazine, had a ton of typos. I also fixed the initial description; many are from, not just from old magazines.

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