[Android] Calibre Companion alpha and beta test programs
#1  chaley 02-21-2014, 12:09 AM
CC is made available to testers before general release. There are two levels of test: alpha and beta. Alpha testers receive releases as features are developed. Beta testers receive releases 1 to 3 weeks before CC's release to the general public.

There is no manual installation of APK files in either case; instead you will be offered updates in the normal Google Play manner. When notified, you can update to the test version or stay with the current production release, waiting for the general availability announcement. Test versions end with a letter, as in V3.4.4a.

There are three criteria to join this program:
- You must have purchased CC. The prerelease versions are fully licensed.
- You must have a MobileRead account so you can leave comments.
- You must supply the Google mail account you used to buy CC so you can receive the releases.

If you are willing to join, send me (chaley) a private message giving me your Google email account and specifying whether you want to be on the beta cycle or on both the beta and alpha cycles. I will add your email address to a special "Google Group" that lists the people signed up for the program. Once I have added you to the group I will send you a link that you must follow to start receiving the prereleases. Once you take the steps described when you follow the link, you will start receiving notification of early releases.

Once you join you will get prereleases until you drop out, which you can do at any time by removing yourself from the special groups. I haven't tried dropping out, so I don't know how hard or easy it is. It is easy for me to remove you if it turns out to be hard to drop out by yourself.

I will start threads here on MobileRead when a prerelease is available.

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