Calibre Companion Keeps Disconnecting
#1  TGPB 02-04-2014, 01:21 AM
Pipo M9pro Tablet
Quad Core
Android 4.2.2

Calibre Companion 3.2.6

Calibre 1.21

Windows 7 Professional 32bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz

Just downloaded CC this evening. Had to use the dedicated port to get it to see the tablet. Even then I have to try 2-4 tries before it connects. It seems to work better if I move just one book at a time to the tablet. Even then is disconnects in the middle of a download and requires a reboot to get the program to work again on the tablet. This is the only app I have any troubles with.

I have deleted all anti-virus programs except Microsoft Security Essentials. The firewall is allowing Calibre through.

Any ideas why it keeps disconnecting?


#2  chaley 02-04-2014, 05:04 AM
Usually this is caused by a wifi signal that is marginal or by neighboring wifi access points on the same channel. CC sends a book as a continuous stream of information, and if the network gets confused in the middle of the book then sometimes the device disconnects.

The fact that it takes multiple attempts to connect supports this hypothesis. Connection uses a network packet that devices can choose to throw away or not do error checking (UDP broadcast). If these packets are lost then connection won't succeed, which is what I think is happening in your case.

Possible fixes:
- Be sure that you have a strong wifi signal.
- Change the wifi channel of your access point. Do a survey first if your software supports it.
- Both of the above.

There is very little we can do to improve this problem, which may leave you deciding that CC isn't for you. If that is the case, please feel free to ask for a refund by sending email to multipie from inside CC.

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