History 蔡東藩: 前漢通俗演義 (Traditional Chinese)
#1  ericshliao 09-13-2008, 01:44 PM
This is a history book written in novel-style. It's about the history of West Han Dynasty and before.
This book is one volume of a series. The author spent 10 years to write the series, covering more than 2000 years of Chinese history, in more than 7 million words. In Chinese society, such novel style history is not considered serious work. The author did the work just because he wanted everyone can read history easily.
The author is quite negelected in modern Chinese society. Few people read or even heard of the book. However, I personally respect him very much.

Note: The pdf file is for iLiad. And its TOC is clickable.
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[pdf] 蔡東藩-前漢通俗演義-全.pdf (3.84 MB, 1761 views)

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