Linked Images Problem + Unsupported Styles
#1  crimsonsnow 02-08-2014, 04:37 AM
I have been experimenting with some method to produce epub from my blog articles, so far Writer2ePub is the best for me, all intact formatings and also generating Table of Content from Headings. However, there are some problems I encountered, resulting in Error and no epub made:

-Linked image
If I have images in the article linked to other sites, sometimes epubs weren't made and this was shown in the error log
Error 1: An exception occurred
Message: Unsupported URL
Do I need to put image one by one or is there any solution for this?

- Unsupported styles
There is warning like below for content such as TOC, list, and other styles.
"Warning! The following styles are not supported and will be treated as plain text
If you really need personal styles, please start the style name with w2e_"
for some articles the epubs were generated, but most of them weren't.
Error 423: Property or method not found: ParaStyleName.

was shown in the log. How to solve this? I've skimmed through the odt, but I don't know where the List Content was (I saw Headings and Text Body only) and I couldn't correct the files. How to solve this?


#2  eBookLuke 02-09-2014, 02:07 AM
Quote crimsonsnow
-Linked image
Do I need to put image one by one or is there any solution for this?
Please use the OpenOffice Break Link function:

Please remember that the images must be anchored to a paragraph. Images anchored to a character will be treated as icons along the text.

- Unsupported styles
How to solve this?
Just read
All stiles are superseded by internal CSS. If you need one or more personal styles, please rename them with w2e_yourstylename. In the epub will be add a paragraph style named yourstylename.

Fonts are ignored, at this time, for legal reasons. If you need to embed a font in the epub, you need to edit the css manually and embed the ttf font files.

Please feel free to send to me a sample of your odt to verify this problem.


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