Long chapters, weird splitting Moon+Reader?
#1  Mortiferon 09-11-2020, 06:44 PM
Lengthy chapters around or in excess of x/48-52... I don't even know what they're rightly called, but I suspect they may be tied to "scene breaks"... get split, with a hyperlinked looking "[1/2]" in between, similarly as though they were separate chapters.

I prefer "scroll blindly", and I mean this is disrupted more towards the end of these chapters, behaving as though moving on to the next chapter (I mean, as though there were a "page break"; which there isn't, not from the source document at any rate).

This is not a terribly great annoyance, but still. It kind of is, and looks tacky.

So, I'm wondering if anybody might know if there's a solution to stop this.

Perhaps I am setting something incorrectly within Calibre during conversion? (these are FanFiction, from .DOCX. I'm not using any Heuristic processing or anything).

Or, perhaps, there's some obscure setting within Moon+Reader? (Oh, how I long for there someday to be some proper documentation. But I digress).

Anyway, I'm erring that this behavior is limited to Moon+Reader (Pro; in case it may matter). I try never to use Kindle app (formatting, font sizes and such, is hopelessly all messed up with these there. And only with Kindle; grr!) but I didn't notice this behavior there with these same files...

Ah, and most of the free apps (e.g. PocketBook) appear not to be able to handle really large (1-million+ words) entire-series Omnibus types, which these tend to be so I can't try and see if this persists with them, unfortunately. (They just ceaselessly load never actually getting there lol).

At any rate, this does not occur within Calibre Viewer...

#2  JSWolf 09-11-2020, 07:04 PM
That because Moon Reader is lousy and does things its own way instead of following the CSS.

#3  Mortiferon 09-11-2020, 08:01 PM
Whelp. Would it perhaps help if I set Calibre to use "expand CSS", then? Maybe the issue is the "shorthand", which is default?

I'm really not trying to do anything complex here... (which makes it all the more infuriating that Kindle absolutely REFUSES to display ANY of these properly. I mean, they're FUBAR. Pretty fine indication none of these would display any better on a "real" Kindle device; ugh!). Other than setting "transparent" to stubborn color that refuses to be "automatic" here and there, I don't mess with the CSS.

If it weren't for the fact that Kindle app evidently demands professional coding to even half-ass WYSIWYG a source document, I'd suffer it (though I find lack of scroll mode, and ludicrously too generous margins, intolerable). But it pure and simply refuses to display any of my making properly (mainly, the font sizes are all over the damn place for no evident reason; links still underlined despite being set to not to be, etc. etc).

Having aired that... would you have any app recommendations?

#4  JSWolf 09-11-2020, 08:10 PM
I've read that the Pocketbook app is a pretty good reader. So give that a try.

Moon+ does things it's own way. That's the problem. Thing is that most apps for reading on Android do not respect the CSS. They override almost everything and what they don't override, they get wrong or ignore.

#5  Jim Chapman 09-14-2020, 07:02 AM
Concerning the size of a chapter, there used to be a limit (or at least an expectation) that an EPUB chapter should be smaller than 300k. See this thread:

Very long chapters will, in any case, be a problem for EPUB reader apps, because each chapter is an HTML file, and the reader app will have to load that chapter into memory (and, in the case of some apps, load it into a web-browser control). That does cause significant performance problems (web-browsers do quite badly at displaying web-pages that are 100+ pages long - and EPUB readers will have the same problem).

Also, an EPUB file containing many chapters (say 1,000+) will cause performance problems for most reader apps, because the file is a ZIP archive, and doing a search-by-file-name through ZIP archives becomes a performance bottleneck (time taken grows in proportion to the number of entries in the ZIP file).

Bottom line: a paper book containing 10,000 pages is quite cumbersome. But so is an EPUB book of that size. Maybe someone should add bit to the EPUB standard to let it represent 'anthologies' - i.e. collections of semi-detached books, which are kept together, but do not have to be displayed as one piece of connected text.

#6  Mortiferon 09-18-2020, 11:23 PM
Understood. This one's nowhere near all that.

It's, presently, 200 html pages and the largest of them is 153.5kb. Overall, it's ~6.9mb (with fonts embedded). I'm going to assume this is potentially some erroneous code (which, for now, is exactly however Word spat it out to Calibre) that Moon+Reader simply just doesn't like.

There don't appear to be any "break" other than the main one. I'm using a "horizontal line" in Word to serve as scene breaks (don't really like the blank line look).

I can't quite recall if I have seen this "[1/2]" in any of the others. Could be just this one.

I'll live with it for now (this is a WIP FanFiction) and try to deal with it later.

Thanks for the help.

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