Making Ward into an e-book
#1  SlickRCBD 07-01-2020, 01:22 PM
Where is the best place to ask for help with Calibre for something beyond Fanficfare's scope?

Somebody posted on another forum stating they somehow used Calibre to make an epub of "Ward", the sequel to "Worm". I mostly use Calibre to convert epubs to .azw or run fanficfare.
I PMed them asking how, but got no response.
I could download the HTML files easily enough using DownThemAll! to suck the site, and can read that on my computer or phone easily enough, but if I wanted to send it to my Kindle, how would I convert it? I can change a single HTML file easily enough, though I've found that if I change the extension to .txt the Kindle will read it and correctly interpret HTML formatting (must be a bug since it won't recognize .htm or .html files, but will process .txt files correctly), but having 50 chapters in separate files is a pain to read on a Kindle as it treats them as separate "books".
Both Worm and Ward are really long, so I'd want the chapter navigation intact.

I've seen something that will do this, but it requires Linux and I haven't used Linux in over ten years and don't feel like spending hours making a virtual machine just for this.

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