The 2020 Annual Reading Challenge Discussion Thread
#221  Byrdie 12-31-2020, 10:24 PM
2020 Reading Challenge Report Card:

Total Books Pledged To Read: 52

Actual Books read: 56. Pass. I even finished 5 weeks ahead of schedule, then binged on fan fiction, mostly Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Harry Potter and The Mandalorian from Ao3.

Sub-challenges: Finish the 7 Miss Marple books in my TBR list. Grade: Fail. I only managed 1 before I got distracted and chased after Poirot instead. Half-marks maybe, since I read 3 Agatha Christie's in all this year.

Read 3 non-fiction books. Grade: Fail. I only managed 2. And added maybe half a dozen more to my TBR pile.

Read more borrowed books in 2020. Grade: Pass. Many of this year's list reads were library and Kindle Unlimited loans. That said, I did splurge at a few book sales, especially Smashwords back in March. Oops?

Read at least 3 books considered to be classic literature. Grade: Pass. Actually doubled it if we're counting "The Mysterious Affair At Styles" and "The Poisoned Bride And Other Judge Dee Mysteries".

Icing on the cake: Exceeded my expectations by 4 books, and read 2 comic books, something I hadn't done in ages because it's very difficult for me now that I can't see to read those in paper format and they don't always display right on my screen. Sucked that I had to read the online instead of downloading to my Kobo because of whatever DRM the publisher or whomever insisted the library use for these particular titles so I couldn't take as much time as I'd like with them. On the other hand, reading in the Overdrive browser meant I did not lose out on the color, which is really necessary for most comics and finishing them in a day meant other people on the wait list got them a lot sooner. Which I suppose counts as a win.

Conclusion: I did better than I thought in some areas, not as good as I'd hoped in others. The pandemic and resulting lockdown gave me more time to spend with my books but I actually got less reading done because I had a whole bunch of non-Covid related health issues, my own and other family member's, to deal with. Hopefully 2021 will see improvement all around. Now if only I can decide what to read next year ...

#222  Tarana 01-01-2021, 12:51 AM
December and End of Year Wrap Up

3,000 pages per month : Met this every month. WIN!
Ebooks - TBR Reduced by 10; Current: +172
Complete fail although half the number of purchases as last year.
Audiobooks - TBR Reduced by 10; Current: -1
Complete Fail. I was -13 until the final Member Sale at Audible, so progress as all but one purchase was part of series already reading.
Magazines - TBR Reduced by 10; Current: -2
Fail, but will make a special effort next year. I cancelled all subscriptions so at least it is not going up.

Standalone Short stories and Novellas: 101 read! Goal is 100. WIN!!!

Completed 7 series which varied between 3 and 55 books.
Diskworld - Terry Pratchett
87th Precinct - Ed McBain
Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Shannara world - Terry Brooks
Myrtle Clover series - Elizabeth Spann Craig (up to what I owned-book 12 I think)
Fables of Tonight - Mike Resnick (RIP Mike!)
Chronicles of St Mary's - Jodi Taylor

So, overall, good reading progress but too many purchases. Need to get that TBR down! Goal next year is to continue to try to limit purchases to authors/series I already have that require fill-in and only when on a dirt cheap sale. I will continue another year of avoiding borrowed books to focus on books that I own.

#223  astrangerhere 01-01-2021, 02:44 PM

Length Goals:
Total Books: 50 (stretch goal of 75) | Total Pages: 25,000 | ETBR Reduction: 25 | PTBR Reduction: 10
Substantive Goals:
Read at least 51% non-American authors | Read more female/nonbinary authors than male | Read at least 52 short stories

Cumulative 2020 Totals:

111 books - 222% of my goal (148% of stretch) - GOAL EXCEEDED / STRETCH GOAL EXCEEDED
52 short stories - 100% of my goal - GOAL MET
34537 pages - 138% of my goal - GOAL EXCEEDED
63% female/nonbinary authors / 37% male authors - GOAL EXCEEDED
31% US authors / 68% non-US authors - [B]GOAL EXCEEDED
ETBR Reduction: Reduced by 38 - 122% of my goal - GOAL EXCEEDED
PTBR Reduction: Reduced by stopped counting (-48) - ABANDONED - my wife has been buying a few books a week from our local independent bookstore to support them while they are closed due to Covid-19. She plans to keep this up until they are able to re-open, so my print TBR goal may just be shot for the year. Still, worthy cause.

Overall TBR Reduction 48 - reduction of Ebook TBR and Audiobook TBR. I have removed paper books from the calculation for the reasons above.

#224  Paperbackstash 01-06-2021, 02:27 PM
I got behind in tracking monthly the past 2 months and behind in general with spreadsheet.

Total Read: 230
Goodreads Yearly Goal of 200 Met
Re-Reads: 35

Rental Services
Kindle Unlimited Read: 51
Scribd: 30

E-Book 62%
Mass Market Paperback 15.3%
Hardcover 2.3%
Audio 18.1%
Trade Paperback 1.9%

Author Gender Ratio:
56.3% Female
40.5% Male

Time Period Main Setting
Contemporary 79.4%
Historical 7.7%
Retro 10.5%
Future 1.9%

Original Acquisition Source
Amazon 54.2%
ARC Mailed 1.4%
Mob 4.6%
Audible 4.6%
Library Sale 2.3%
Used Bookstore 15.7%
Scribd 13.9%

Genre Breakdown:
Horror, 55, 25.6%
Romance, 51, 23.7%
Mystery, 51, 23.7%
Urban Fantasy, 28, 13%
Drama, 8, 3.7%
Nonfiction 6, 2.8%
Gothic 6, 2.8%
Science Fiction 1.9%
Western, 2, 0.9%
Fairy Tales, 1, 0.5%
High Fantasy 2, 0.9%

None - 63.4%
Race 4.3%
Combo 10.8%
Disability 2.2%
Mental Illness 7.5%

Romance Breakdown (Genre Specific)
LGBT - 25.8%
Reverse Harem - 7.6%
Straight - 66.7%

Rating Breakdown
1 - 3
1.5 - 0
2 - 11
2.5 1
3 - 48
3.5 - 3
4 - 58
4.5 - 5
5 - 9

Gothics 2/5 - Fail
Used Bookstore Trip - Success
Re-Read 5 Barbara Michaels - Complete Fail
Catch up on Alex Delaware series - 5/10 , Half Success
Hercule Poirot Catchup - Fail
Cozy Mystery Backlog - Not full goal but success
Noir and Hardboiled- Success
Perry Mason Audio Marathon - Success
Romance Harlequin Backlog physical copies - Fail
Historical romance backlog physical copies - Fail
Theme: Water themed, 2/5, fail
Sci-Fi horror genre mix - 2/3 - success
Halloween related anthologies - Success
Anthologies - Partial Success
Nonfiction - Partial Success
High Fantasy and Sci-Fi (Non-Horror) - Fail
Christian Theology - Fail
Classics - Fail
Graphic Novel/Comic Starters - Fail
ARC Backlog from Silver Shamrock - Partial Success
Netgalley Backlog - Fail


#225  DrNefario 02-05-2021, 10:11 AM
Is it time the 2020 threads were unstickied?

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