Poetry Belloc, Hilaire: Cautionary Tales for Children,IMP, v1, 10 Oct 2007.
#1  Patricia 10-09-2007, 09:57 PM
Also published as ‘Cautionary Verses’.
First published by Duckworth, London 1907.
With some of the original drawings (which is why the file is bigger than one might expect).

If these cautionary verses do not encourage good behaviour in your offspring then they are obviously hardened malefactors.

Jim (eaten by lion)
Henry King (eats string)
Matilda (tells lies)
Franklin Hyde (plays with dirt)
Godolphin Horne ( a snob)
Algernon (plays with guns)
Hildebrand (is frightened by cars)
Lord Lundy ( a cry-baby)
Rebecca (slams doors)
George (has dangerous toys)
Charles Augustus Fortescue (a good boy).

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