Other Non-Fiction Belloc, Hilaire: On Nothing & Kindred Subjects, IMP, v1, 08 Oct 2007.
#1  Patricia 10-07-2007, 08:35 PM
Hilaire Belloc: On Nothing & Kindred Subjects (1907)

A collection of short pieces:


On The Pleasure Of Taking Up One’s Pen
On Getting Respected In Inns And Hotels
On Ignorance
On Advertisement
On A House
On The Illness Of My Muse
On A Dog And A Man Also
On Tea
On Them
On Railways And Things
On Conversations In Trains
On The Return Of The Dead
On The Approach Of An Awful Doom
On A Rich Man Who Suffered
On A Child Who Died
On A Lost Manuscript
On A Man Who Was Protected By Another Man
On National Debts
On Lords
On Jingoes: In The Shape Of A Warning
On A Winged Horse And The Exile Who Rode Him
On A Man And His Burden
On A Fisherman And The Quest Of Peace
On A Hermit Whom I Knew
On An Unknown Country
On A Faëry Castle
On A Southern Harbour
On A Young Man And An Older Man
On The Departure Of A Guest
On Death
On Coming To An End

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