Romance Fleming, May Agnes: The Unseen Bridgegroom. V1. 14 Aug 2009
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Born in 1840 in New Brunswick Canada, May Agnes Fleming first wrote under pen names Miss M.A. Earlie and Cousin May Carleton at the early age of seventeen. After marrying John W. Fleming in 1865, she continued to write under her married name, and enjoyed a successful career writing dime novels for women, and serials for story papers including the New York Weekly.

A dark November afternoon—wet, and windy, and wild. The New York streets were at their worst—sloppy, slippery, and sodden; the sky lowering over those murky streets one uniform pall of inky gloom. A bad, desolate, blood-chilling November afternoon.
And yet Mrs. Walraven’s ball was to come off to-night, and it was rather hard upon Mrs. Walraven that the elements should make a dead set at her after this fashion.
The ball was to be one of the most brilliant affairs of the season, and all Fifth Avenue was to be there in its glory.
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how can i download these ebooks on pdf or microsoft word? is that possible.

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Quote christy324
how can i download these ebooks on pdf or microsoft word? is that possible.
Using Calibre you might be able to convert to pdf and word.

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