Nook app for iPad - managing library with Calibre question
#1  MonkCanatella 03-06-2023, 02:52 PM
Hi all,

The Nook app is looking like it may be my alternative to Kindle. It has great organization features, but I'm having some issues that I can't figure out how to solve that are kinda deal breakers.

Metadata is really strange. For example, I have a book called Serpentine by Philip Pullman. It has illustrations by Tom Duxbury. In Calibre, I'm only using Philip Pullman for the author and author sort. From some reason it is still only using Tom Duxbury as the author. It's a pretty big dealbreaker honestly, as there is NO option to edit metadata on the app itself.

Does anyone here know how the metadata is read? If I can figure that out, I can potentially just write extra metadata to my calibre library before loading the books onto the app through itunes.

It's super unfortunate because if I could just edit the metadata on the app itself, it'd be great for my uses and I'd happily switch over from my kindle

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