ex-Vivlio Pocketbook Touch HD3 with clock problems
#1  Dryhte 02-20-2023, 05:14 AM

my HD3 (PB632) which used to be a Vivlio (bought in the wrong country and couldn't get it to connect with the correct local Vivlio website, so flashed Pocketbook software instead) has been having problems with the internal clock.

The reader functions perfectly except that it doesn't turn off after the set time, and the time of day doesn't update either (or not correctly anyway).

I've upgraded it to the most recent firmware today, but since the issue didn't show up after a firmware upgrade, I don't have high hopes of this.

Does anyone here have an idea how to troubleshoot and ideally fix this?

#2  Dryhte 02-20-2023, 05:22 AM
Nevermind, I found this - apparently a common hardware failure? In that case I'm glad that it doesn't impact my day to day use much. I guess I voluntarily voided warranty when I flashed the Pocketbook firmware (also, I bought the bloody thing in .fr and I'm not going there for warranty)

#3  Michal Jancik 02-20-2023, 12:26 PM
If it's a warranty, you can install (flash) your Pocketbook back from PB to Vivlio

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