Pocketbook Theme Decompiler for modern Themes
#1  InteractiveNinja 02-13-2023, 07:27 AM
Hello everyone

I've spent the last couple of days reading up on this forum about the theming of the Pocketbook devices, as I intended to try my hand at theme creation for the Pocketbook Era.

I saw the following post about the decompiler, however it doesn't seem to work for "new" default themes ( attached). When trying to decompile the Line.pbt file a "Segmentation fault" occurs

Quote gshank
I'm uploading my theme decompiler. You can use this to extract the config file and BMP resources from an existing .pbt file.

This should help in developing themes for which the theme source hasn't been made available yet.

The zip file includes a Windows upbtres.exe, and an executable for Linux, 'upbtres'.
I wanted to check if there is a new decompiler or if the source code of the decompiler is public?

I also found this project, however when trying to decompile the Line.pbt file a "Segmentation fault" occurs.

Unfortunately I don't know the C programming language and before I try to deal with it I wanted to check if there is already a tool to decompile "newer" standard themes.
[zip] (2.12 MB, 48 views)

#2  chrisridd 02-25-2023, 03:47 PM
You should really be raising an issue on that GitHub project, at least that way the project's developer (or developers) can help out.

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