IQ Pocketbook NEW Update V6.7 Officiel is out !
#1  Michal Jancik 02-09-2023, 06:49 AM
The big update V6.7 is out!

Excellent news for owners of Pocketbook readers

• This big update brings a lot of changes and fixes !
• You can update your device via OTA or download the update from the Pocketbook website

Starting today, Pocketbook gradually started releasing the new V6.7 update..
!! Some devices will get V6.7 within a week !!

RELASE NOTE Firmware: 6.7.17.* (January, 2023)

The release note is based on the Inkpad 3 device
Relase Note PDF (Inkpad 3) :
Relase Note PDF (Inkpad 3 PRO) :
Relase note PDF (Touch Lux 5) :
Relase note PDF (Pocketbook ERA) :

Core changes

1. Better sound of connected audio devices. Update of audio codecs used in firmware
(AptX, LDAC, AAC, SBC). Support of the most up-to-date audio files.
2. Fixed an issue that caused a slow exit of the device from the «Connected to PC» mode
if it was not properly disconnected from the computer.

Reading program

1. From now, the word of which the translation was searched while reading with the
Dictionary app, can be marked as a «»translation note»». In this case, both the translated
word and its translation are saved into the Notes. When saving a translation note, the user
has the option to select one or more of the most appropriate translations from the list of
all dictionary articles for this word. In addition, it is now possible to also save the context
(one or more sentences) in which the translated word was used in the book into the Notes.
The user can configure the mechanism of exporting words and their translations to the
These are the options available:
- only the selected word;
- the translated word and its translation;
- the translated word and its context;
- the translated word, its translation and its context.
Users can work further with the notes collected in this way in the Notes application, which
now has the ability to sort, filter and export notes to a file.
2. A pronunciation function has been added to the dictionary of the reader program as
well as the dictionary app. With its help one can listen to a translated word. The volume
of the pronunciation can be easily configured thanks to the connection with the built-in
TTS function.
3. It is now possible to configure the tap zones on the screen of the e-reader. The gesture
configuration is available in the Settings. There, under «Personalization», the new section
«Gestures in reading mode» has been added, which allows to do the following:
- Configuration of the tap gestures for 9 separate touch zones of the book page to assign
any of the available actions to them:
Open Reading menu, Go to the next or previous page, Go 10 pages back or forward, Go
to page number XY, Go to the first page or the last page of the book, Go to the previous
or next chapter of the book, Set a bookmark, Go to the list of content, Call the search
function, Start the dictionary, Call the reading settings, Configure font size, Rotate the
book, Configure the status line, Call the main menu;
- Adjustment of the swipe gestures from right to left, from left to right, from top to bottom
and from bottom to top;
- Adjustment of the drag gestures on the left and the right side of the screen, separately
for reading mode and for TTS mode.
4. Smoother scrolling of PDF and DjVu documents in the scroll mode.
5. Improvement of brightness and contrast adjustment in illustrations of FB2-formatted
6. Added the ability to the reading settings to enable the display of the page boundary
(dotted line) that was displayed on the previous screen for books in PDF and DjVu format.
7. Added tips for user interface elements when reading in the dictionary mode.
8. Added the ability to change the speed of text synthesis by voice (TTS) with a gesture
while reading.
9. More correct parsing of author, publisher, series and annotation metadata of comic
books in CBZ format.
10. Improvement of the user interface for lists of content and notes. Now it is more
convenient to collapse or expand the list of notes. In order to open the book page with the
note, the user only needs to tap on the arrow next to the page number.
11. Smoother movement of sliders while highlighting text in a book.
12. Now it is possible to return to the original page after navigating to a search result.
13. More precise positioning of the bookmark icon after changing the font size in EPUB
formatted books.
14. Increased tap zone for a more convenient navigation by footnote (link) in the book.
15. More precise page margins in PDF books in scroll mode.
16. Improvement of the sorting algorithms of the notes list.
17. Fixed the problem that could prevent font change in some DOCX-formatted books.
18. Fixed the problem which could cause that some Chinese characters weren’t displayed
19. Fixed a problem that caused the TTS speech synthesis to not work correctly in some
books in Japanese.
20. Fixed the issue that in some Mobi-formatted books the cover was not displayed.
21. Fixed a problem, due to which in some books in PDF or DjVu format the cropping of
fields in the scroll mode did not work correctly.
22. Fixed the problem of the incorrect display of the font size in some books in PDF format
in reflow mode.
23. Fixed the problem of incorrect translation of hyphenated words when reading a book
with a dictionary.
24. Fixed an issue that caused a pencil note to move after changing the scale in PDF- or
DjVu-formatted books.
25. Fixed a problem that caused the page to be slightly shifted to the side after the device
orientation was changed from portrait to landscape in PDF-formatted books.
26. Fixed an issue that caused some books in PRC format not to open.
27. Fixed a problem, due to which some illustrations were not displayed correctly in some
books in EPUB format (instead of displaying illustration on the part of the screen as it was
designed, the illustration was displayed on the whole screen).
28. Fixed an issue where an open book could close if you repeatedly resized the font in the
open dictionary window.
29. Fixed an issue where a CBR-formatted book could close after creating a screenshot
PocketBook Cloud

1. Quicker synchronization with the PocketBook Cloud.
Book Store app
1. Fixed a problem that prevented payment in the store immediately after deleting the
saved card and adding a new one.
Notes application
1. Added translation notes as a special type of notes to the list of the app.
2. Now it is possible to sort notes in the list of book notes as well as sort books in the list
of books with notes.
3. Now it is possible to export notes from a book or from a group of selected books.
Exported notes can be imported on another device.
4. Now group actions on notes are possible, i.e., the user can select a required number of
notes and select a general action on them, for example, to export the required number of
notes or to delete necessary notes by one action.
5. Optimization of the processing speed when processing a large amount of notes. Large
lists of notes are now maintained faster.
Photo Frame app

1. «The Photo Frame app is now presented as a separate app in the app list of the device.
With this update the app gets a lot of new useful functions:
- creating and editing of playlists of the images that will be used in the slideshow;
- adjusting the settings of slide show individually for each playlist;
- copying, moving and deleting pictures from a playlist;
- adjusting the slide show interval;
- enabling/disabling the display of the current date and time and the date of creation of
photo together with adjusting the font and positioning of the date in a picture in slide
- shuffle mode;
- controlling the output mode of the slide image: Fit to screen (on black) or Fill screen;
- adjusting the brightness and SMARTLight for the Photo Frame app separately from the
system frontlight settings.
Other improvements

1. A newly downloaded and installed TTS packet will now be chosen automatically.
2. A separate section for reading gesture settings with voice text playback (TTS) enabled
has been added.
3. Added Vietnamese to the list of possible user interface languages.
4. Some wording improvements for German language.
5. Fixed an issue where the device could reboot after authorization in the PocketBook
Cloud if the device had a large number of books stored on its internal memory (more than
20 thousand).
6. Fixed an issue that could not handle «tap» and «long tap» gestures in the Main Menu of
the device if the context menu was opened.
7. Fixed an issue that prevented the browser from restarting in landscape mode when
entering the control panel.
8. Fixed the problem that some books borrowed via Onleihe couldn’t be opened.
9. Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

I wish all visitors of "mobileread" peaceful reading and a wonderful day !

#2  tomsem 02-09-2023, 04:35 PM
Thanks for the notice, updating my Era now.

#3  Michal Jancik 02-10-2023, 07:42 AM
Relase Note PDF (Touch HD3) :

#4  rcentros 02-10-2023, 11:34 AM
Quote Michal Jancik
Relase Note PDF (Touch HD3) :
Thanks. It looks like it's officially on the Support site now. So many changes makes me a little leery though. I can't remember, can you can drop back to a previous versions? (I seem to remember you can with PocketBook, but I may be wrong. I wouldn't want to lose Overdrive again.)

#5  Michal Jancik 02-10-2023, 03:57 PM
Quote rcentros
Thanks. It looks like it's officially on the Support site now. So many changes makes me a little leery though. I can't remember, can you can drop back to a previous versions? (I seem to remember you can with PocketBook, but I may be wrong. I wouldn't want to lose Overdrive again.)
Yes, you can downgrade from 6.7 back to 6.5

The update is already released and available for Pocketbook color.

Relase Note Inkpad Color (PB_741) :

#6  rcentros 02-11-2023, 04:32 AM
Quote Michal Jancik
Yes, you can downgrade from 6.7 back to 6.5
Thanks. That's good to know. I'll go ahead an update then and let you know how it went.

Thanks for putting these notices up here.

#7  rcentros 02-12-2023, 05:37 PM
Okay. I updated my HD 3, so far I haven't tested all the new features but I'm happy to report that it works well. Overdrive still works so I can directly borrow books from the HD 3 (the browser seems faster). But (so far) what I'm most happy about is the ability to change the tap zones. My thumb is always positioned at the lower right when reading so I would naturally tap there -- and the page would turn backwards. Now I've got the left side set for backwards and the right side set for forward. I like it a LOT better that way. And pages turn faster. So, so far, all positive on this upgrade. Again, thanks bringing it to my attention.

#8  svkytbsld 02-13-2023, 04:02 AM
It seems this update made the KoReader on my Inkpad 3 zippier a bit more also. Epubs open faster.

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