NEW UPDATE : Pocketbook ERA 6.7.1555
#1  Michal Jancik 01-05-2023, 09:39 PM
For those who are interested in installing the latest update found, I am adding a download link.

Firmware Pocketbook ERA : 6.7.1555

Version : U700.6.7.1555
Description : Fixed several minor bugs.

• Link for Download Update for ERA 6.7.1555 here :

• Hopefully, the update will eliminate minor problems and allow you to benefit more from your reading. Have a nice day

#2  the_Pan 01-06-2023, 01:03 PM
Thanks for sharing!

#3  Michal Jancik 02-01-2023, 09:33 AM
V6.7.1555 is now officiel !



Firmware: 6.7.1555 (January 04, 2023)

Reading program

1. Increased tap zone for a more convenient navigation by footnote (link) in the book.
2. More precise page margins in PDF books in scroll mode.
3. Improvement of the sorting algorithms of the notes list.
4. Fixed a problem, due to which some illustrations were not displayed correctly in some
books in EPUB format (instead of displaying illustration on the part of the screen as it was
designed, the illustration was displayed on the whole screen).
5. Fixed an issue where an open book could close if you repeatedly resized the font in the
open dictionary window.
6. Fixed an issue where a CBR-formatted book could close after creating a screenshot note.

[PocketBook Cloud]

1. Quicker synchronization with the PocketBook Cloud.
Book Store app
1. Fixed a problem that prevented payment in the store immediately after deleting the
saved card and adding a new one.
Release Notes
PocketBook Era
FW Version: 6.7.1555
- P. 3 -
Other improvements

1. Fixed an issue where the device could reboot after authorization in the PocketBook
Cloud if the device had a large number of books stored on its internal memory (more than
20 thousand).
2. Fixed an issue that could not handle «tap» and «long tap» gestures in the Main Menu of
the device if the context menu was opened.
3. Fixed an issue that prevented the browser from restarting in landscape mode when
entering the control panel.

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