Programming in Eiffel
#1  imustafin 06-16-2022, 04:18 PM
Hello everyone!

Previously we could write programs in C and C++ which is quite straightforward with the published SDKs.

Less known are the Python (Pyinkview) and Go wrappers of libinkview.

And now I want to present you a new wrapper/SDK for the Eiffel programming language. It works with EiffelStudio 19.05.

The SDK (if we can call it so) consists of two parts:
1. The so called platform which configures EiffelStudio to use the official C/C++ PocketBook compilers. Available at
2. The wrap_inkview Eiffel library which should provide a nice OOP-like interface for libinkview. Available at

Part 1 works, needs testing. Part 2 needs a lot of work to design and develop a good interface. For now it just provides direct access to C functions.

I am using this in pb-patience which is a patience/solitaire game collection for touchscreen PBs. I expect to extract the good inkview patterns to wrap_inkview.

All of this is tested on PB X.

1. What existing UI library/approach might be suitable for use in eInk devices in general and PB + inkview specifically?
2. Do PBs support libpthread? It compiles without any errors but crashes on the device. I wonder if I should try to fix it or is it even possible.

#2  rkomar 06-16-2022, 07:03 PM
I know that they used to support pthreads for sure. I used it previously for some applications that had multiple threads (although that was about ten years ago). So, I expect that you could still use pthreads on the latest devices.

Note that I left the inkview event handling in the main thread, and spawned new threads for handling events I sent from the main thread.

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