Pocketbook Touch HD 3 clock broken.
#11  rcentros 02-01-2021, 07:21 PM
Quote cellaris
... I don't think KOReader has anything to do with it. I use it on all my PocketBook devices and it has only happened once. Other people don't use KOReader and it has also happened to them.
Okay, thanks. So far I haven't had any clock issues with my PocketBooks. Hope that continues.

#12  GalOR 07-23-2022, 01:16 PM
Quote cellaris
There have been several cases of clock stalling when the device is turned off or suspended (not exactly the same case as discussed here) . It happened to me with the InkPad 3. I removed the back cover and disconnected the battery and everything went back to normal when I reconnected it.
hi cellaris, this was a cool hint with disconnecting the battery. Must confess somehow logical as the device has no hw reset and for this cut off the energy is the only way then. Fixit from Poland would have asked 75€ for this easy remedy. Interesting I also had KOReader installed beforehand. So is this really ramdomly or is the a coincidence? Anyway thanks again. My device is having a functional clock again.

#13  igorius 08-20-2022, 01:31 PM
Hello, how did you open your Inkpad? Do you have a hint doing this without breaking all in pieces? Thanks much! Any photo would help too...

#14  cellaris 08-20-2022, 07:23 PM
The InkPad 3 can be opened with your fingernail. No special tools are required. Then all you have to do is disconnect the battery tab.
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#15  danielk1591 01-22-2023, 01:24 PM
"Hello, I have two Pocketbook Inkpad X devices that I purchased new, six months apart. I installed Koreader on both devices and on both e-readers, the automatic clock synchronization is no longer working. I have returned both e-readers for warranty repair with Fixit in Poland. It seems that Koreader is causing a problem with the Pocketbook. I like Koreader and would like to reinstall it after it is returned from the after-sales service. For people in this situation who have reinstalled Koreader, has the malfunction reappeared?"

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