Horror Moore, F. Frankfort: The Secret of the Court. v1. 05 Jul 2022
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(another which is not really horror — rather, it is “supernatural” or “weird” fiction.)

A vast underground complex is discovered beneath contemporary Egypt, home of the remnants of an ancient lost race whose high technology is now lost, though the secret of reviving the dead appears to be a viable process.

Frank Frankfort Moore (15 May 1855–11 May 1931) was an Irish journalist, novelist (publishing more than 80 novels), dramatist, and poet. He was a Belfast Protestant and a unionist, but his historical fiction during the years of Home Rule agitation did not shy from themes of Irish-Catholic dispossession. Some of his work contains supernatural elements. (A note of possible interest: He was Bram Stoker’s brother-in-law.)

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