New Short Story Release: "4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up" by Sara Elizabeth
#1  UntreedReads 07-07-2010, 11:47 AM
Every once in a while a story comes along with an extremely unique take on a familiar theme. Such was the case when we received the manuscript for Sara Elizabeth's "4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up."

The Blurb:

Told from the point of view of an elevator ride, Samantha explores the ups and downs of her relationship with another woman. Will Samantha get everything she's ever wanted on the 4th floor, or lose it all in The Lobby?

This is a really great new twist on the girl-meets-girl story and on relationship tales in general. It's great to see a new literary style, and we're glad to have Sara Elizabeth joining the Untreed Reads family.

"4 Stories Down, 4 Stories Up" is part of our Diversity short story line, and can be found in The Untreed Reads Store (at for only $1.50. GreenPass members save an additional 15% off. You'll also find this story at Smashwords in various formats, at Amazon for the Kindle and at most of the fine retailers listed on the right side of our homepage.

Jay Hartman
Untreed Reads Publishing

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