They started over 3 yrs ago - with design
#1  Mycropht 11-19-2007, 06:40 PM
According to Dante, the final stop for fraudulent advisors and evil counselors is eighth Circle of Hell. That will also be the final stop for a significant part of the Kindle creators team.

The guys started to work on the Kindle 'over three years ago'. Well, when I look at the thing, it seems like they started over 13 years ago - with the design.

It is ugly and it is DRM-ridden. It is having a keyboard which will boost sales to the people over 60. It requires no PC at all - also appealing to the people over 60. It is a tech gadget - again... or maybe not.

I will not tell anything about EV-DO as they probably have a way of making it work over GSM networks even in Europe.

I want so much that e-book readers become mainstream and affordable, yet I hope the Kindle will sink into oblivion together with its creators.

The big wait continues - maybe cool Google's Book Thing or Apple's iRead will save the day.

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