Poetry Anonymous: Some British Ballads (ill. Rackham). v1. 19 Jan 2020
#1  doubleshuffle 01-19-2020, 05:52 AM
GrannyGrump's beautiful new uploads reminded me of an almost finished project I had in the virtual drawer:

Some British Ballads, a collection of traditional, well, British ballads, "several" of them taken from the famous Child collection, published anonymously and without year by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York.

The scan's uploader to the Internet Archive guesses it was published c. 1919.

A splendid little collection, IMO, made into a fantastic, unmissable one by the illustrations of the great Arthur Rackham.

Thanks again to GrannyGrump for giving us so many beautiful ebooks of his work! Glad to be able to contribute a little.

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These ballads are contained:

Clerk Colvill
The Lass of Lochroyan
Young Bekie
Chevy Chase
The Gardener
The Gay Goshawk
Lord Thomas and Fair Annet
The Twa Corbies
Young Akin
The Lament of the Border Widow
May Colven
Get Up and Bar the Door
The Riddling Knight
Lady Elspat
Johnnie of Cockerslee
The Old Cloak
Proud Lady Margaret
Yonge Andrew
Sir Patrick Spens
Lord Randal
The Twa Brothers
The Duke of Gordon’s Daughter
The Baron of Braikly
The Lochmaben Harper
The False Lover Won Back
Bonnie George Campbell
Prince Robert
Earl Mar’s Daughter
The Death of Parcy Reed
Hynd Horn
Helen of Kirconnell
The Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington
Rare Willie drowned in Yarrow
The Gypsy Laddie
Clyde Water
The Lady turned Serving-Man
Earl Brand
Earl Richard
The Fair Flower of Northumberland
The Wife of Usher’s Well
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[epub] brit-ballads-ill-rackham-v1.epub (9.17 MB, 160 views)

#2  GrannyGrump 01-23-2020, 12:17 AM
I nearly missed this one. So glad I didn't.

This is lovely, thanks so very much!

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