Science Fiction Jameson, Malcolm: The Big Book of Malcolm Jameson Stories (2019), v1
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Malcolm Jameson (1891-1945) had a brief 7-year career as pulp writer, and he contributed to Amazing, Unknown, Weird Tales and Astounding. His major series was "Bullard of the Space Patrol", but he also created a short series about "Anachron, Inc", a company which traded goods back and forth through time (just the thing to give archaeologists serious headaches!) and wrote novels, too.

This anthology collects 28 of his lively and enjoyable stories.

The Anachron Stories
1: Anachron Inc.
2: Barrius, Imp.
3: When is When?
Bullard of the Space Patrol
4: Admiral's Inspection
5: White Mutiny
6: Blockade Runner
7: Slacker's Paradise
8: Devil's Powder
9: Bullard Reflects
10: Brimstone Bill
11: Orders
12: The Bureaucrat
And other Stories
13: Alien Envoy
14: The Anarch
15: Chariots of San Fernando
16: Children of the "Betsy B"
17: Doubled and Redoubled
18: The Giftie Gien
19: Joshua's Battering Ram
20: Murder in the Time World
21: Not According To Dante
22: Philtered Power
23: Pride
24: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
25: Stellar Showboat
26: Train For Flushing
27: Tricky Tonnage
28: Vengeance In Her Bones
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