Philosophy Diderot, Denis: Rameau’s Nephew, IMP,v1, 20 Oct 2007.
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Denis Diderot: Rameau’s Nephew
(Le Neveu de Rameau) 1762
Translated from the French by Ian Johnston

From Wikipedia:
“Le Neveu de Rameau ou La Satire seconde ("Rameau's Nephew, or the Second Satire") is an imaginary philosophical conversation written by Denis Diderot. The conversation takes place between Lui ("Him"), meaning Jean-François Rameau, nephew of the famous composer, and Moi ("Me"), meaning Diderot himself.
Recurring themes in the discussion include the education of children, the nature of genius, and money. The often rambling conversation pokes fun at numerous prominent figures of the time.
…Though the two characters actually existed, the characters of the novel are meant as allegory figures, and the dialogue is in fact Diderot's own ruminations on life and morality.”
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