Rockwell, Carey: Tom Corbett -04- The Space Pioneers (illus.). IMP. v1.0 2007-10-16
#1  JSWolf 10-16-2007, 10:44 PM
I bring you book 4 in the Tom Corbett Space Pioneers series; The Space Pioneers.

Captain Steve Strong and the Polaris Unit are tapped to screen the applicants who will be selected to colonize Wolf 359. The colony will be headed up by Christopher Hardy who commanded the exploratory mission to the planet. But the cadets come to suspect that Hardy's second in command, Paul Vidac has ulterior motives and may be actively trying to harm the members of Polaris Unit. Vidac orders the cadets on a suicidal mission and then the colonists are harassed by Vidac. The colony is almost ready to revolt but Tom talks the leaders in waiting until they reach Wolf 359 and the cadets can obtain better evidence.

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