Other Non-Fiction Thomson, Basil: Queer People: Hunting Spies in World War 1 (1922); v1; 30 Sep 2019
#1  Pulpmeister 09-30-2019, 05:52 AM
During WW1 Sir Basil Thomson was Assistant Commissioner Crime at Scotland Yard, and his role was to liaise with MI5 and Special Branch searching out enemy spies.

(There is a fairly recent edition of this book which changed the title to "Odd People", for reasons which are probably apparent.)

I have added a handful of photographs: Thomson (frontispiece), Sir Roger Casement, Karl Lody, Mata Hari, and Rasputin; corrected the error in which the author (or the typesetter long ago) misspelled Mata Hari's name as Zeller instead of Zelle; and made up a cover, as I can find no dust jacket.

It's a good, lively read.
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