Hacks stuck rooting, instructions unclear...
#1  leeloo7 10-23-2021, 10:59 PM
I'm following a guide (which is spread across multiple pages) to root my KT2 basic.

it is running version 5.12.2 which as far as I am aware was the last released firmware for this model

part one of the guide completed perfectly!! (the drip root)

step two also seems to have completed fine the "open sesame" thread from "Making sure your JB survives updates" and onwards (

hotfix / reboot worked.

here's where I am getting stuck,

it is telling me to install MRPI (I chose kual-mrinstaller-1.7.N-r18721.tar.xz from it says to install this it's simply unpacking it to the root of the drive in usb mode, which I assume I have done correct as the "extensions" and "mrpackages" folders are showing up but at this point nothing is different on the device, even after a reboot I have no new menus or anything ?

so I am guessing KUAL also needs to be installed? so from the above packages thread I am choosing KUAL-44a61b6-20200604.tar.xz, except I am really unsure how to install this package, I have tried dropping it in the MrPackages folder, unpacking it to the root usb same as above, nothing I do with this package seems to work, what am I meant todo here ?

one of the threads states that the booklet versions of KUAL need to be installed via MRPI which I assume my MRPI isn't working ?

any help would be appreciated, thanks!

#2  hius07 10-24-2021, 11:22 AM
Unpack Update_KUALBooklet_44a61b6_install.bin from KUAL-44a61b6-20200604.tar.xz (it is a double archive), drop it into the mrpackages folder and then type ;log mrpi into the search field on the Kindle home screen, press Enter.

#3  leeloo7 10-24-2021, 07:10 PM
guess that's what I was doing wrong thanks

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