Mystery and Crime Chesterton, G.K.: The Uncollected Father Brown Stories V1.0 19 Oct 2021
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Like Athur Conan Doyle, G. K. Chesterton wrote stories involving Father Brown which were never collected, and are now not considered part of their respective canons.

Unlike Doyle, Chesterton only wrote 2 uncollected Father Brown stories.

"The Donnington Affair", a story written to solve a crime put forward by Sir. Max Pemberton in the October 1914 issue of The Premier. And "The Mask of Midas" written in 1936.

I wasn't able to find hardcopies of either story, but I did correct the spelling errors on both the sources:

The Donnington Affair:
The Mask of Midas:

One line I wasn't sure on, but took my best guess was this one:

“What do you mean-reality?”

Chesterton loved a hyphen as much as the next guy. But as I've never seen mean-reality hyphened, I changed it to an em dash. Which seemed more fitting:

“What do you mean—reality?”
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