Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Forty-Seven, v1, 16 Oct 2021
#1  Pulpmeister 10-15-2021, 10:27 PM
A further collection of short fiction not easily found in the free public domain. As always they are all in the Life + 70 PD, and have been gathered from on-line scans of magazines and newspapers.

The Jacques Futrelle story is a novelette, of an American in Paris in search of... anyway, it's not a Thinking Machine tale. Futrelle wrote many stories not featuring The Thinking Machine, but few have re-appeared since they were first published. Hervey Allen is best know for his vast epic blockbuster Änthony Adverse"; Maarten Maartens was a Dutch author who nevertheless wrote in English. There is also the cumulative index of Past Masters 31-47.

1: Report to Major Roberts / Hervey Allen
2: The Story of a Young Robber / Washington Irving
3: An Unposted Letter / Newton MacTavish
4: William Tells / H. C. Witwer
5: The Parole of Gevil-Hay / K. & Hesketh Prichard
6: Not So Big / H. C. Witwer
7: The Hammerpond Park Burglary / H. G. Wells
8: The Strength of the Meek / C. S. Montanye
9: Mr. John Smith in Paris / Jacques Futrelle (novelette)
10: The Stone Cat / Miles J. Breuer
11: Millions for Defense / Miles J. Breuer
12: A Comedy of Crime / Maarten Maartens
13: Peter / Arthur Sherburne Hardy
14: Mr. Clackworthy Revives a Town / Christopher B. Booth
Cumulative Index Nos 31-47
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