Is there a way to search tags and series?
#1  JJ Johnson 10-26-2020, 01:01 AM
I finally got around to implementing Collections on my kobo, going from 'tags, series' in Calibre to Collections on the device. I thought I had the tags fairly well cleaned up, but boy was I wrong. Seeing all the different collections on the device was an eye-opener.

Now... How do I find all of the oddball and one-off tags in Calibre? Since it sorts multiple tags alphabetically by the first one, sorting by itself is of limited help.

#2  ownedbycats 10-26-2020, 01:42 AM
Click 'Configure' at the bottom of tag browser > Sort by > Number of books should help. This'll break any hierarchical tags though.

#3  JJ Johnson 10-26-2020, 02:21 AM
Thanks. I wasn't aware that there was a tag browser.

#4  ownedbycats 10-26-2020, 02:57 AM
Also check out the tag mapper - you may need to add it to your toolbar in Preferences if it's not already there. It's very powerful once you figure it out (even moreso if you go to the effort of learning regexes in order to use the pattern-matching).

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