Time to time, screen tap turns two pages
#1  beber75 10-12-2020, 03:45 PM

I don't now why and I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this anoyance but with a variable frequency (sometime 5 to 6 pages, sometimes more than 10) two pages are swiped at once.
It happens in forward or backward direction.

At the begining I was convinced that it was me double tapping on screen but now I'm sure it's software related as it does not happen with the default BOOX reader (I've used for several chapters).

Anyone have an idea where I could did for getting rid of that ?

Regards and sorry for my english (I'm french).

#2  NiLuJe 10-12-2020, 04:05 PM
On which device, exactly, with precise version details.

And *how* are you turning pages, exactly, because you've mentioned both taps & swipes?

#3  beber75 10-12-2020, 05:16 PM
Sorry, I was meaning tap.

The device is Boox Nova2 reader with android 9
Koreader version is v2020.08.1


#4  Winkelschraube 10-13-2020, 06:56 AM
Same problem on poke 2. Meanwhile it works (most time) because I got used to right tapping on it. I would like to see some kind of adjustable waiting time (in milliseconds) after turning the page. Like a kind of debouncing like buttons on microcontrollers.

#5  NiLuJe 10-13-2020, 09:38 AM
Never been an issue in my experience, even on an IR grid, but who knows ;p.


#6  beber75 10-13-2020, 01:54 PM
I'm sorry but I did not figured where this readerrolling.lua file is located.
Or maybe I've wrongly understood and should wait for a Koreader update ?

#7  Winkelschraube 10-14-2020, 01:33 PM
Remove the installed version first.

Use the file here:

Edit: I have not tried the fix yet.

#8  beber75 10-14-2020, 05:33 PM
Thank you, I'll give a try on Friday

#9  Ken Maltby 10-14-2020, 09:44 PM
Just for the record; I don't see that on my Note 2, running v2020.08.1-60


#10  Galunid 10-15-2020, 10:18 AM
For the record, I don't see this on Nova2 running firmware 2.3.1, didn't see this on 2.3 too. I did see this when I was messing around with custom EPD controller, not sure if it was device's fault, or my code being wonky

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