Black Friday 2020
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Black Friday 2020 --- Tablets, eReaders, Media Players

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Black Friday = 27 Nov | Cyber Monday = 30 Nov

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of America's Christmas shopping season since 1952, although the term "Black Friday" didn't become widely used until more recent decades.
What a difference a year makes. Because of the pandemic, holiday shopping has been turned upside down. Thanks to a late start for Prime Day, holiday shopping started in late September and will continue until Christmas. The way things are going, Black Friday should be renamed Black November

Anyway, I'm starting the thread now because news with firm dates for BF is starting to appear. I know, we haven't even done Prime Day yet. But hey, these sales are lasting longer and bleeding into each other: Prime Day --> Black Friday --> Cyber Monday --> December Sales --> Clearance Sales.

Once pre-BF sales start up, this thread will replace the Tablets, eReaders, Media Players thread and will be stickied. At that time all hardware deals will be posted here. On 01 Jan, this thread will be unstickied and all hardware deals will be posted back to the Tablets, eReaders, Media Players thread.

Feel free to post any BF stories and experiences you may have. Pics and videos are also welcome; especially those Walmart videos. So grab your credit cards and checkbooks and enjoy the ride. Until then, feel free to post wishes and general chit-chat about Black Friday.

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Only book-related hardware will be tracked in this thread (tablets, ereaders, media players, smartphones, computers, digital storage, accessories). This post will serve as a master index for these categories, linking to ad scans and posts with device and pricing specifics.

Off-Topic Deals: I don't mind if you point out deals in non-book related categories, but discussions should take place in the appropriate threads and forums listed below. Remember, the primary focus of this thread is book-related technology.

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Where do I look/post for BF deals:

Hardware DealsMedia Deals================================================== ==========

Table of Contents -- update pending================================================== ==========

Black Friday Websites================================================== ==========

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Store Index 2020

Below is a listing of stores with book-related technology. Links will be provided to each store's website, BF ad scans, and details about their deals. If I missed a store, let me know.

Open Thanks --- Closed Thanks --- Cust Svc --- BF 2019 --- template

Ad Scans --> GottaDeal --- BestBlkFri --- SlickDeals

Major Stores
Minor Stores
Membership Required
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Black Friday Sales Dates 2020 ---> Online Sale Schedule

These sales may contain doorbuster pricing that may or may not be repeated during a later sale. So if you see something you want, go ahead and get it. If by some chance the price drops later on and the store won't make a price adjustment, you can always return it and re-purchase it. Return policies are usually extended over the holidays so you should be good. See this post for a listing of return by dates.

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Tablets 2020 ---> Tablets | Specs/Info

Amazon Fire ---> AMZ | BB | DEL | KOL | STP | TAR

Apple iPad -----> BB | STP

Google Pixel --->

Lenovo Tabs ---> LEN | WAL

Msft Surface ---> BB

Sam Galaxy ----> BB | DEL | MST | TAR

Walmart onn ---> WAL

misc Tablets --->

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References / Sources================================================== ==========

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eReaders 2020 ---> eReaders | Specs/Info

Kindle eReaders ---> AMZ

Kobo eReaders ---->

Nook eReaders ---->

misc eReaders ----->

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References / Sources================================================== ==========

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Media Players 2020 ---> Smart Home | Specs/Info

MP3 Players================================================== ==========

Stream Audio================================================== ==========

Stream Video================================================== ==========

References / Sources================================================== ==========

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Smartphones 2020 ---> Cell Phones | Specs/Info

Alexa Built-in --->

Apple iPhone ---> BB | WAL

Google Pixel ----> BB

Motorola Phn ---> BB | SC | WAL

Sam Galaxy -----> BB | MST | TAR | WAL

misc Phones ----> BB

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References / Sources================================================== ==========

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Computers 2020 ---> Laptops | Desktops

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References / Sources================================================== ==========

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Storage & Accessories 2020 ---> Peripherals

Storage================================================== ==========

Accessories================================================== ==========

References / Sources================================================== ==========

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Media Deals 2020 -- these offers may or may not be available for everyone -- YMMV

Media Deals================================================== ==========

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