Adding a prefix...?
#1  MarjaE 10-01-2020, 12:40 AM
I sometimes add prefixes to my book titles.

For example, a roleplaying supplement or adventure might need a prefix listing which system it's written for, and which setting it's written for.

I would rather use a separate column, so I don't have to add them to the titles. A separate column would avoid having to edit each title, would make it easier to edit the prefixes, would make it easier to see the rest of the title, and so on.

I currently have "Sending Books to Devices" set to {#genre}/{title}.

If I use {#genre}/{#prefix}{title}, will this insert a space when there is a prefix?

If I use {#genre}/{#prefix} {title}, will this skip a space when there isn't a prefix, or start the output file names with that space?

I haven't used series prefixes for fiction books, but my do that to make it easier to navigate my Story Hd.

#2  davidfor 10-01-2020, 02:35 AM
Using "{#genre}/{#prefix}{title}" should only put a space in if #prefix contained only spaces. I have used a similar thing with the series name, and that will work how you want it. I'm not sure what would happen with "{#genre}/{#prefix} {title}". It might depend on the file system.

But, I'd probably do something like:

{#genre}/{#prefix:| | - }{title}
That will put " - " after the prefix if it is not empty. And if it is empty, nothing will be added.

You might want to look at doing this in a metadata plugboard. If this is the template for sending the book to the device, it is setting the filename and path. Whether you will see that when using the device depends on the device. A metadata plugboard can change the title in the metadata. Your Kindles will display this, not the file name.

#3  MarjaE 10-26-2020, 11:50 PM
I've been adding these a few at a time, and run into a problem.

Sometimes the series titles start with Th as in Þ.

I've tried typing Þ but Calibre interprets this as a function involving tags instead of a letter.

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